As a part of the Royal Life Saving Society, we learn skills ranging from basic first aid response to advanced life saving skills such as basic life support and rescue techniques. You will learn these skills through a mixture of practical and theory work both in and out of the water. These skills will enable you to assess a situation, decide what needs to be done and in what order all whilst keeping yourself safe!

Lifesaving isn’t just about saving others, it’s about keeping yourself from getting in a position where you need to be saved!

These skills will be with you for life and even if you don’t decide to be a life guard you will always have the knowledge and confidence to be able to save a life.

We meet every Sunday at Cheltenham College pool from 7:15 – 8:15pm for Rookies (age 10-12 years) and 8:15-9:15 pm for Survive & Save (age 13 years and up).

You are welcome to come make some new friends and join us in a trial session!

We are always looking for members!