The award scheme is split into 3 stages: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each of these is then split into 4 sub sections: Medallion, Sport, Beach and Open water.

senior awards

The medallion award is the core award in the survive and save scheme that is required to progress onto the next level. The content in the medallion spans all of the other awards from a theory angle but all the practical content can be done in the pool. The practical content includes timed swims and rescues, rope throws, towing and general fitness. As you progress through the scheme from bronze to gold the time limits decrease and distances increase, in the practical content, providing a greater challenge as fitness increases. The theory gets more advanced as you progress as well. By the end of the course you will be able to deal with most situations with complete confidence.


This is the start of the specialist content of survive and save. The award will review what you already know from medallion but go in-depth into tides, currents and other beach hazards. The beach award also requires a higher level of fitness than the medallion. This award can only be done at the beach.

Still Water

The still water award will teach you all of the hazards involved with lakes, rivers and flood water. Once again this is an award that can only be done at a lake or river and requires a higher level of fitness and understanding.


if you are interested in competition and improving your speed and skill this is the award to do. The main part of this award is preparing for lifeguard competitions, these competitions include speed line throws.